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Updated: 27.2.2014

UCLA Beamer Color Theme

Added: 1.2.2011

Check the following color themes for Beamer, designed especially for UCLA students. The color theme allows you to use your favorite formatting with the UCLA colors - blue and gold.

Beamer uses four types of themes:
  1. Themes or "total themes" - controls every formatting aspect of the presentation. Usually have a name of a city (e.g., Berkeley, Warsaw, etc.)
  2. Inner Themes - control the desing objects inside the frame such as bulleting and boxes shape.
  3. Outer Themes - control footer, header, etc.
  4. Color Themes - control the colors of all the objects. Usually have a name of a flower or an animal (e.g. lilly, orchaid, dove, etc.)
Here you can find 3 color themes named UCLAsquirrel, UCLAbruin and UCLAjacaranda. In addition you can find 3 UCLA logos that can be used. You can use the given UCLA color theme with any beamer (total) theme you prefer.

File download

* Color themes and logo files (zip)

* Sample files (all with the defaul theme): UCLAsquirrel [tex] [pdf]; UCLAbruin [tex] [pdf]; UCLAjacaranda [tex] [pdf];


0. download the above zip file and extract it into the directory with your .tex files

1. choose your prefered color theme (an animal/flower)

2. choose a logo

3. choose a total theme (a city) (check gallery)

4. add the following code:

        \usetheme{total-theme-name}                                             % e.g., default; Berkeley; AnnArbor; Warsaw 
        \usecolortheme{color-theme-name}                                    % e.g., UCLAsquirrel
        \logo{\includegraphics[height=0.7cm]{logo-name.png}}      % choose desired logo