Alan Roytman

Sixth year Ph.D. student in Computer Science
University of California, Los Angeles

3771 Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
alanr [at] cs [dot] ucla [dot] edu

Research Interests:

I am mostly interested in the design and analysis of algorithms and game theory.

About Me:

I attended UC Berkeley as an undergraduate, where I majored in computer science and mathematics. I spent several years there as a member of GamesCrafters, which is a computational game theory research and development group. Currently, I am a theory student in the department of computer science at UCLA, where I am being advised by Professor Rafail Ostrovsky. I used to be advised by Adam Meyerson for three years.



Spring 2009:
CS 262Z: Causality, with Professor Judea Pearl
CS 263B: Connectionist Natural Language Processing, with Professor Michael Dyer
Winter 2009:
CS 289A: Game Theory, with Professor Adam Meyerson
CS 261A: Problem Solving and Search, with Professor Richard Korf
Fall 2008:
CS 280AP: Approximation Algorithms, with Professor Adam Meyerson
CS 282A: Foundations of Cryptography, with Professor Rafail Ostrovsky

From Berkeley
CS 270: Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures, with Professor Richard Karp
CS 278: Computational Complexity, with Professor Luca Trevisan