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Industrial Affiliate Membership Program

Basic Membership

The basic membership of the Industrial Affiliate Program entitles the member companies to the following benefits:

  • Customized assistance to members’ recruiting needs, including but not limited to:
    • Providing graduate student listings (with their degree objectives, expected date of graduation, etc.) in the areas of interest to the member company.
    • Customized assistance to set up on-site interviews.
    • Invitation for one technical talk each year at the department-wide seminar series to highlight member companys’ research and technology.
    • Opportunities to host “Tea Time” which is an informal social for CS graduate students. This event allows for 1-on-1 interaction between the company and graduate students in a casual setting. Students seem to prefer this type of interaction because it is more personable.
    • Networking with CS undergraduate student groups to organize Info-Sessions,Tech-Talks, Hackathons, Competitions and Company Tours per chairman’s discretion.
    • Facilitating the interaction with faculty members in the area of interests, including research collaborations, reference checking, summer internships, and consulting.
  • An Invitation to join Internship Fair which provides more exposure to CS undergraduates, and the Honors Mixer which gives direct access to the top CS Students.
  • An invitation to attend the Annual Tech Forum organized by the department or the school of engineering with up to five free admissions.   At this Forum, students and faculty showcase their current research. The Tech Forum is a superb opportunity for the affiliates and the department faculty and students to interact.
  • An invitation to attend the Computer Science Department’s Distinguished Lecture Series.

Through mutual agreement between the member company and the department, a faculty member is assigned to serve as a liaison for the program.

Gold Membership

In addition to the benefits of the basic membership, the gold membership entitles the member company to:

  • Closes tie with a specified research laboratory or center with regular meetings and visits for exchanges of research problems and results.
  • One industrial visitor within the specified lab/center in the Computer Science Department for a period of up to 12 months.
    • The visitor is provided with office space and is given full access to our computer facilities, libraries and research laboratories.
    • The visitor is entitled to attend all classes and lectures and to freely interact with our faculty and students.
  • One representative on the department’s advisory board to provide valuable input and feedback to the department regarding its education and research directions.
  • Participation in the undergraduate senior-year project program, in which the member company can propose a year-long project for a team of 3-4 students to work on as their senior-year project, under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Through mutual agreement between the member company and the department, the faculty director of the specified research lab or center is assigned to serve as a liaison for the program.

–Affiliate funds are used to support various student activities including sponsorship of the Grace Hopper Conference, funding of the Outstanding Student Awards and financing student groups events.

To discuss the program in further detail, please contact:
Dr. Mario Gerla
Professor and Chair
UCLA Computer Science Department
4732E Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1596
(310) 825-3886
(310) 825-2273 fax